Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pitfalls of and Techniques to Surmount Non-Compete Agreements for Executives

Last Thursday, on August 10, 2017, CEOWorld magazine published an article I wrote on “Pitfalls of and Techniques to Surmount Non-Compete Agreements for Executives.” This article was designed for CEOs, C-suite executives and other senior executives who are asked to sign non-compete agreements with their company.  My article deals with both the coverage and pitfalls of non-competes but also offers key techniques for the CEO and senior executives to surmount non-competes and protect your career.

Executive considering non-compete agreement

Techniques used in the past and offered to the reader include negotiation of the following

  • Fully “Paid up” non-compete to make the Executive whole,
  • Planning to navigate around the shoals of the non-compete terms,
  • Use of an indemnity from the new employer.
My article also discusses key terms for the executive to negotiate in covenants for non-solicitation of customers and clients, non-solicitation of employee and contractors, confidentiality and NDA agreements, and assignment of inventions.

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It is my hope that this article will be helpful to senior executives who are navigating the shoals of non-compete, non-solicitation agreements and going into a new position or change of control.  If you or any colleague of yours has a need in this area, please do reach out to me at 617-875-8665 or email

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