Saturday, February 4, 2017

Executive Employment Termination: What Constitutes Wrongful Termination?

You are the CEO or a C-suite officer or senior executive and you’ve been putting your heart and soul into the job. You’ve been meeting your deadlines, meeting your targets. You’re in line for a decent bonus or raise. Yet, instead of praise and reward, one day you are summoned to meet the Chairman or the CEO. HR is there also and you are told the Company is going to go “in a new direction” and your services are no longer needed. What do you do?

My recent article deals with this difficult subject –
This is a subject I deal with a lot in my executive legal practice with many accomplished executives who are often victims of their own success. These are often cases where office politics, cronyism or sexism has trumped merit and real achievements in the workplace. But the problem can be dealt with and often decent results achieved.

CEO Magazine Article: Executive Employment Termination

My article on this subject was published on January 18, 2017 by CEOWorld magazine. You can also see the full article on wrongful termination for executives on my website.

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